Discuss the role of gender in conducting the French Revolution.

Discuss the role of gender in conducting the French Revolution.


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“Conversation” is easy to misunderstand because the word remembers the body of communication / speech. “Interviews” suggest conversations, which are often unfamiliar and unprepared. In the context of a task, the dialogue requires the performance of a specific, organized task: developing a framework that considers and responds to multiple tools. “Discuss” in the assignment language means a general presentation of the series of ideas you have learned. In the case above, you can do this
pointing out inconsistencies in the evidence of Revolutionary rights;


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raising the impact of disagreements and / or disagreements (perhaps they provide gender-limited status as catalysts);


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evaluate various statements about gender roles; and
asking what is available and what is lost when focusing on symbols, icons or events.


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Referring to the Cold War in response to the above questions, we can list just a few aspects of the Revolution – the Liberty picture, the assassination of King and Marie Antoinette, the “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!” – and notes specifically how each one is a “powerful” political force. Such a text would not provide an original thesis, but rather would refer to the questions asked in the assignment (i.e., “Gender roles were very important in the French Revolution” or ” Gender played no significant role in the French Revolution ”).

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In the case of strong debate, thesis will go beyond the review of nomination questions. You can see the similarities and differences between the revolutionary aspects discussed. You can add new or unexpected evidence, which may be an interesting source of information that has been added briefly to a presentation.


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