GEM Enterprises, headquartered in Millville NJ

Your number one source for computer repair, laptop repair, data recovery, new computers and laptops. Our educated, certified technicians are here to help you with all your IT needs. We handle "carry-ins," give free estimates and offer expedited service. We also sell barcode scanners, data collectors, networking, server and desktop sales and video camera sales and installations. With 19,000 square feet of computer parts, you can be assured of guaranteed fast repairs or replacement and always with a smile.


GEM Enterprises allows you to focus on running your business, not your Information Technology!GEM Enterprises can serve as your virtual IT department supplying all of your computer and technical support needs at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT staff. We provide a direct pipeline for purchasing equipment, we can build customized computers and servers to meet your individual needs, and we provide the support and service that is critical for keeping your company running.


GEM Enterprises can serve as your virtual IT department supplying all of your computer and technical support needs at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT staff. We provide a direct pipeline for purchasing and installing network equipment, we can build customized computers and servers to meet your individual needs, and we provide the support and service that is critical for keeping your company running. We can utilize your existing wiring usually or install new wiring, work your never or ours


Global cutbacks in defense and security spending aren't dampening crime anytime soon. Global corporate and household enthusiasm for video surveillance is here and we are ready to assist in sale and service for your IP or CCTV cameras, DVR and cabling needs. We can easily differentiate the products for you and take the guess work out of buying and installing these systems at a reasonable rate so you are a happy customer long after the sale. Ever wonder what you actually


At Gementerprises when your drive dies or your system crashes, your data loss is only temporary and we provide professional yet low cost solutions. If you have a camera, flash dive, hard drive be it SATA, SCSI, SSD Solid State, IDE, Iphone, Mac we can get the drive’s data back usually and most of the time well under any competitors. We offer no recovery low fee pricing with only a $100 minimum bench fee with no recovery and most of the time a data recovery job is roughly $300-$600 and not the $2,000 charged elsewhere!

Excellent Service and Good Quality Products


At GEM Enterprises, we are committed to excellent service and good quality products! We offer special pricing in both products, as well as service, for governmental and educational institutions and are a certified SDVOSB.

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Through GEM Enterprises' Reseller Affiliate Program, your company will have access to our top quality products. Competitive Pricing Built-to-Order, Custom Manufacturing Dedicated Account Representative Fast Delivery Drop Shipping

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Custom Undercover Surveillance Vehicles

With over two decades in business and a passion to stop crime with state of the art covert surveillance, we dedicate our vehicle services to law enforcement. We build custom surveillance cars with the ability to record audio and video without utilizing expensive manpower while employing maximum obfuscation. We have worked with various local, state and government agencies to provide them the tools to indict criminal activities with technology at an affordable price point. If you are looking for a standard detective car with a spotlight this is nothing we offer, but we do offer bait and spy cars giving law enforcement the edge they need. We have GPS encrypted video that can be remotely accessed from around the world remotely in a covert application with redundant power systems and a myriad of custom designed features where only your imagination and budget are the limitation. We do all work in house and are discreet in not only the design and build of the vehicle, but we can park our vehicles in areas with almost zero chance of being detected. Once a client lets us know their needs, we will consult with you and provide a competitive quote. We are also a Service Disabled Veteran owned company (SDVOSB), fully licensed, insured, and operate out of our 19,000 square foot high security discreet facility. References available and we have consulted even with foreign governments, including the Royal Thai Police for security and drug interdiction. Our vehicles are so good we can park them in your police lot and monitor your activities without the police even knowing they are there-we have proven that!

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GEM Enterprises. "Knowledge and Service is Second to None"

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