Surplus Asset MGMT

Our expert staff of technical and sales professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest, most reliable and, we believe, the best comprehensive full service available.

Our company purchases surplus equipment that often is headed for recycling or disposal and is interested in building relationships with companies seeking a profitable way to discard their surplus equipment. If your company is discarding or worse yet paying to get rid of E-waste surplus used equipment, it may be throwing money away. We also protect our client’s data by either destroying the hard disks or rewriting information to them according to DOD standards. We are a VERY green company, meaning instead of wasting valuable resources doing conventional recycling, we redeploy most of the assets by repairing, configuring, refurbishing, cleaning and then selling and supporting them to other clients around the world. It is the best use of surplus materials, is environmentally friendly by reusing the materials and also allows dated technology to go back to work at a reduced price to others that might not be as fortunate. Please contact us with the requested information below or simply contact us, and we will send you a quote on purchasing the items from you or simply call us at 856-300-5138 from 10-7 Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time.



Needed Information:

  • Your Name and Title
  • Company Name
  • Phone and Extension Numbers
  • Best time to call
  • E-Mail
  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Model Numbers if known
  • Equipment condition? (used, new, non-working)
  • Where is the equipment located?
  • Who will handle packing and shipping?
  • Any warranty/refund offered for defective equipment?
  • How did you find us?

*Note: We are seeking large quantities of new or used, working or non-working equipment that was manufactured within the last 5 years. We purchase by tractor trailer loads or smaller, but we are also interested in doing asset recovery on a continuous basis for your company.

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PHONE: 856-300-5138
Business Hours: MON-FRI 10AM-7PM Eastern Standard Time